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Learn about jewellery design as part of our jewellery making classes. Award-winning Tara Lois will guide you as you handcraft your own exclusive rings, silver wire jewellery or work together as a couple to cast your own wedding rings.

Our Classes

Scheduled Experiences

Private Experiences

Make Silver Wire Jewellery Workshop

Make Silver Wire Jewellery

Design and make a contemporary piece of jewellery using silver wire.

€ 150 / per Person

Make  A Silver Ring Jewellery Workshop

Make A Silver Ring

Craft a stunning custom silver ring based off your own design.

€ 150 / per Person

Private Experiences

Make Your Own Wedding Rings Jewellery Workshop

Make Your Own Wedding Rings

Personal design assistance will help you create lifelong memories.

Upon Request

Private Jewellery Workshop

Request Your Private Workshop

Request a private workshop on a date of your choice for 1 to 6 people.

Upon Request

Class Schedule 2024


Wednesday 3 July, 2024

13:00 - 17:00

Make A Silver Ring

Tara Lois Jewellery Workshop - Gozo, Malta

Wednesday 10 July, 2024

13:00 - 17:00

Make Silver Wire Jewellery

Tara Lois Jewellery Workshop - Gozo, Malta

Wednesday 17 July, 2024

13:00 - 17:00

Make A Silver Ring

Tara Lois Jewellery Workshop - Gozo, Malta

Wednesday 24 July, 2024

13:00 - 17:00

Make Silver Wire Jewellery

Tara Lois Jewellery Workshop - Gozo, Malta

Wednesday 31 July, 2024

13:00 - 17:00

Make A Silver Ring

Tara Lois Jewellery Workshop - Gozo, Malta

Upon Request Only

Request a Private OR Wedding Ring Workshop

Tara Lois Jewellery Workshop - Gozo, Malta

August & September - coming soon!

Details Of Available Classes

General Information

For all of our classes, we guarantee that you will leave with your unique jewellery design. Up to 5 grams of recycled 925 silver is included in all prices quoted. Scheduled Silver Wire Jewellery or Ring Making Workshops last approximately 4 hours.

We are committed to sharing our knowledge of filigree, which is culturally important to Malta’s jewellery heritage, showing you examples of the different styles and discussing techniques.

Workshops are only suitable for people over the age of 14 when accompanied by a responsible adult and our studio is 100% wheelchair accessible.

Please read our Workshop Terms for additional information.

We Guarantee Small Groups

We guarantee that there will only be between 2 and 4 people attending any of the scheduled workshops, so you enjoy the greatest personal attention.

If you want an exclusive private workshop we offer these for up to 6 people on request.

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Make Your Own Wedding Rings Workshop Experience

This is our most intimate workshop, as the date is reserved exclusively for the two of you. Our goal is not only to help you design and handcraft your own wedding rings but to make the experience as memorable as possible.

Your journey starts with a video call with Tara who will offer you guidance on designs, advise on the best making technique for the look you want, and what can be achieved during your workshop. 

You can discuss whether you want to use recycled silver or yellow/white/rose gold, in 9ct or 18ct. Because platinum is so hard to work, we do not offer this as a metal choice.

Based on this discussion Tara will be able to give you a price for your exclusive Workshop Experience. You will also receive an estimate of the additional cost of the metal you want to use and preparation time. You will be asked to pay the full Workshop Experience charge in advance, but you will only be asked to pay for the metal and its preparation during the workshop.

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Private Workshop Experiences

Our private workshops can be requested whether you are an individual, couple, family, or group of up to 6 people looking for a memorable luxury experience, on a day to suit you.

You will be invited to video call with Tara Lois who will help you with your designs and advise on which workshop suits your needs. You will then be quoted for:

- The Silver Ring Making Workshop

- The Silver Wire Jewellery Workshops: These may take longer than 4 hours with larger groups.


- The full day workshop only available for up to 2 people, where you model jeweller’s wax and cast your own jewellery from molten metal. 

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Metal Choices: Silver, Gold & Gold Plating

Instead of recycled 925/sterling silver you can choose to work in pure 999 silver, which is a good solution if you turn silver black. You can also choose to use 9ct or 18ct white, rose or yellow gold. 

Please contact us immediately you book to ask about metal options. Tara alloys and processes all of the metals you use from bullion, so she may not have time to create a different metal wire or ribbon in time for your workshop.

Gold plating is something we can offer at the end of any workshop so please ask about this when you arrive.

Because platinum is so hard to work, we do not offer this as a metal choice.

We can give you and estimate of the cost of different metals and preparation charges before you arrive. During the workshop, before you start to finish your jewellery using files, sawing and polishing etc, it will be weighed. Then we can calculate the price of additional metals accurately. 

You will be asked to pay for metals and gold plating, in addition to your workshop fee, towards the end of your workshop, usually while you piece is being polished.

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What To Expect

General Information

Our jewellery philosophy is based on Wabi Sabi, the Japanese belief that there is beauty in imperfection. We encourage you to celebrate your achievements even if there are irregularities, as these become part of the special memory you have created.

Reflecting Tara Lois Jewellery's commitment to inclusion, our workshop is fully wheelchair-accessible.

*** If you are attending the Ring Making Experience and want to make the ring for someone else, then please measure the internal diameter of one of the rings they currently wear so that it will be the right size. Not all professional ring measures are the same!

Please wear closed shoes and clothes which can get dirty. Bring your reading glasses and something to tie back your hair. We provide safety goggles and apron. For safety reasons we can only welcome  adults and guests aged 14 to 18, who must be accompanies by a responsible adult.

During the Experience Booking process you will be offered the opportunity to read the full Workshop Terms & Conditions.

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Jewellery Making Introduction

You will be given an introduction to health & safety, as well as the tools and the jewellery making techniques you will need to hand craft your own design in recycled sustainable 925 silver.

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Handcrafting Your Design - Silver Ring Workshop

In the Ring Making Workshop Experiences, you will be shown how to measure a ring size before sawing and curving 3mm wide silver ribbon to size. You will be able to personalise your ring using metal stamps, hammering textures or sawing surface lines.

Your finished jewellery will be put into a polishing barrel for about 30 minutes and will emerge fully polished.

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Handcrafting Your Design - Silver Wire Workshop

During the Silver Wire Workshop Experiences, you will curve, twist and cut silver wire into the shapes in your design. Once you start working at your own pace, Tara Lois may advise you how to adapt your design so that you finish making within the time available.

Your finished jewellery will be put into a polishing barrel for about 30 minutes and will emerge fully polished.

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Handcrafting Your Design - Wax Sculpting & Casting Jewellery Workshop

If you choose the Wax Sculpting and Casting Experience then you will be shown how to model jewellers wax using heated tools and cutters, as well as filing to create texture. If you are casting a ring, then Tara Lois will ensure that the wax ring size is correct, the rest of the decoration is yours to create.

Tara Lois uses sand casting, which involves pushing your wax design into special sand to create a cavity which is a negative impression of your jewellery. Tara Lois will then melt recycled silver in her furnace until it is molten and pour the red hot metal into the sand cast. Sometimes casting can be temperamental and so this process may need repeating until the jewellery cast is complete.

After cooling, Tara Lois will cut away larger excesses of metal left over from the casting process. At this time, before you start finishing, Tara Lois will weigh your jewellery to calculate the cost of metals/preparation.

Jewellery made on the Wax Sculpting and Casting Experience will need polishing by hand, so Tara Lois will polish your pieces because this is a really messy process. Even so, this will not be perfect finish since Tara Lois does not have a professional polishing wheel. Then your last action is to remove all the polishing compound from your jewellery at the sink.

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Soldering, Finishing & Polishing

All soldering will be undertaken by Tara Lois because it is so easy to melt you work with the powerful flames. You can try soldering at your request, but if you melt your work it is unlikely you will have a finished piece at the end of the workshop.

Some people like the rougher look, while others want their jewellery smoother. There will be files and sandpaper boards for you to finish your jewellery  the way you like it.

Tara Lois will polish your finished pieces by hand or in a barrel which you are welcome to watch or instead choose to relax.

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Hallmarking & Packaging

Tara Lois will hallmark your jewellery and offer you gift packaging to take your jewellery home in.

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Private Experiences - Special Features

Personal Design Advice

Before you come for your Private Experience you will have a complementary video call with award-winning designer Tara Lois to discuss the jewellery and design styles you could achieve. Tara will advise you on the most suitable techniques and whether the 4 hour or full day workshop is most appropriate.

Tara Lois Private Jewellery Experience

Luxury Surroundings

Tara Lois Jewellery Luxury Workshop

In addition to hot and cold beverages, and cookies during breaks, Private Experience clients are offered local Maltese wine and snacks after they are finished and they are waiting for their jewellery to be polished. These can be enjoyed in the Conservatory Room or on the Terrace.

During full day classes, a platter of local delicacies will also be offered with soft drinks at lunchtime.



The workshop was so exciting and fun. I learned a lot about jewellery making. Tara Lois was very articulate, helpful and patient.

As well as creating a lovely pendant and ring, we have come away with a lot of respect and admiration for Tara Lois' work and commitment.

Phyl & Richard


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